Apply For Egypt Visa Application

Apply For Egypt Visa Application

Egypt eVisa Basic Information

The Egyptian government issues an electronic entry visa called the Egypt e-Visa, which enables citizens from eligible countries to apply for their visa online for tourism and business purposes. This electronic visa was introduced in 2017 to simplify the visa application process and eliminate the need for the complicated and time-consuming embassy visa procedures of the past.

The online application process involves three simple steps, which can be completed within minutes from the comfort of one’s home. Applicants are required to fill out a brief form, pay the e-Visa issuance fee, and wait for the approved document to be delivered. Upon approval, the Egypt e-Visa is sent to the applicant’s email inbox as a PDF file that can be printed for future reference.

The Egypt e-Visa is available in two categories: a single-entry visa and a multiple-entry visa. The single-entry e-Visa is valid for three months and allows one 30-day stay, while the multiple-entry visa allows multiple 30-day visits within a 6-month validity period.

Required Documents

  • Citizens from eligible countries are required to upload certain documents to their online visa application form.
  • LThe documents include a digital photo of the bio-data page of the applicant’s passport, which must be valid for at least 6 months from their planned date of arrival in Egypt.
  • Applicants must also upload a photograph of their face, which can be taken using a phone or a PC camera.
  • Business travelers must provide a letter of invitation from the Egyptian company they will be working with.

Benefits of Travel-Online

Simple application process

Obtaining an online visa for Egypt involves three straightforward steps, and the entire process can be completed in a matter of minutes from any location of your choice.

Expert team

Our team of professionals is well-qualified and dedicated to ensuring the success of your visa application.

Service guarantee

We offer a guarantee of service, and in the unlikely event that an application cannot be processed, we provide reimbursement as per the conditions outlined in our Terms of Service.

FAQ about the Egypt eVisa

The Egypt e-Visa is an electronic entry permit that can be obtained online, allowing tourists and business travelers to stay in Egypt for up to 30 consecutive days. Two types of permits are available: a single entry permit (valid for 90 days) and a multiple entry permit (valid for 180 days).

To apply for an Egypt e-Visa, select the desired type of entry permit and fill out the online application form with basic personal and travel details. Pay the fees and wait for the approved e-Visa to arrive at your email address in PDF form. The application process is simple and can be completed from any device with an internet connection.

On average, the processing time for an Egypt e-Visa application is 71 hours from the time of submission. It is recommended to apply at least 7 days before travel to allow enough time to receive the entry permit. Ensure that all details are correct to avoid any delays.

Visitors from eligible countries who are staying in Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba resorts for 15 days or less do not require an e-Visa. However, an onward/return flight ticket must be presented to receive the 15-day stamp upon arrival.

The electronic visa to Egypt is available in two types: a single-entry permit that is valid for 90 days from the date of issue and a multiple-entry permit that is valid for 180 days from the date of issue. It is important to ensure that your passport will not expire during your trip.

All travelers, regardless of age, are required to obtain an e-Visa before traveling to Egypt. Check the list of eligible countries and prepare a valid passport to apply using any working device.

The cost of an Egypt e-Visa depends on the type of entry permit selected. A single-entry permit costs 99 USD. Secure online payment methods are available for the application fee.

To obtain an Egypt e-Visa, travelers must be citizens of an eligible country and provide the required supporting documents, including a valid passport, recent photo, and a letter of invitation for business or family-visit travelers. The applicant's photo can be taken using a phone or a PC camera.

Citizens of certain countries are eligible for an electronic visa on arrival, but it is recommended to obtain an e-Visa in advance to ensure a smooth entry process.

If your Egypt e-Visa application is denied, ensure that all information in the application form is correct and that all requirements are met. If the application was correctly filled out and you are still denied, contact the support team for further assistance.

Whether you have a single-entry or a multiple-entry e-Visa, you are allowed to stay for up to 30 consecutive days on one visit. It is important to ensure that your passport is valid for the duration of your trip.

All citizens of eligible countries, including children, must apply for an e-Visa for travel to Egypt. Parents or guardians must apply on behalf of underage travelers

No, you cannot extend your online visa to Egypt. If you wish to spend more time in Egypt, it is necessary to make a new application for an entry permit. However, make sure to return to your country of citizenship first.

Applying for an Egypt visa online takes only a few minutes. You can use any device with an internet connection to submit the form from anywhere and at any time. Just make sure to prepare your valid passport, and the approved e-Visa will be sent to your email address in PDF form.

Three easy steps to get your Electronic Visa


Apply online

Begin your application online by providing your basic information, including your citizenship and purpose of travel.


Complete your application and Online Payment

Complete your application by providing the remaining required information and making an online payment. We offer various convenient methods of payment, including credit and debit cards.


Check your email

Check your email inbox for the e-Visa, which will be sent to the email address you provided in your application once your payment has been confirmed.